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  • Kymco MicroForU

    Kymco MicroForU


    The Micro was designed to be most transportable, compact and easy to manoeuvre scooter. With puncture proof tyres as standard there is nothing to stop you from going where you want to, without worrying about punctures.

    A wireless battery &dismantling system means there are no fiddly plugs or wires to worry about when stripping the scooter down for transporting, in even the smallest of cars. There are even built in handles in the front bumper & rear section to assist handling. With lightweight front & rear sections, loading couldn't be easier.

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  • Drive Scout

    Drive Scout

    Regular Price: £599.00

    Special Price: £549.00

    "The Scout has been developed to ensure a focus on comfort, style, performance and reliability"

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  • Yes EasyRider Sport

    Yes EasyRider Sport

    Regular Price: £5,499.00

    Special Price: £3,799.00

    "State of the art performance and design"

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  • Yes RoadMaxer

    Yes RoadMaxer

    Regular Price: £3,799.00

    Special Price: £3,399.00

    "The RoadMaxer is breeds style, comfort and reliability"

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  • Yes Galaxy 2

    Yes Galaxy 2


    The YesGalaxy 2 is the ultimate everyday scooter. If you are looking for something to take you the distance in comfort and style then the Galaxy 2 is the scooter for you.

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  • Yes Super 8

    Yes Super 8


    The Super 8 mid size scooter was designed to offer you the ultimate driving experience for comfort, style & performance. With fully adjustable suspension & a top speed of 8mph, this scooter offers you the greatest value for money for a compact high performance scooter.

    Super 8 is packed with plenty of value added extras to make your driving experience as pleasurable as possible. The fully adjustable suspension system not only allows you to drive safely over rougher ground but can be adjusted for the perfect level of comfort to suit you. With 36 amp batteries and low profile soft-roll puncture proof tyres you won't have to worry about your journey, this scooter will keep you going.

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  • Yes Super 4

    Yes Super 4


    The Super 4 midi scooter is built to handle longer journeys over tougher terrain than other mid sized 4 mph mobility scooters. Particular attention has been paid to creating superior styling and comfort.

    Super 4 is surprisingly manoeuvrable for a mid sized scooter, with a particularly tight turning ability due to a clever steering design developed by Kymco. With an easy to adjust steering column, comfort seating and extra foot board space, Super 4 provides you with a truly pleasurable and comfortable driving experience.

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  • Yes Mini LS Boot Scooter

    Yes Mini LS Boot Scooter


    The new improved Mini L S ForU has been designed to offer you exceptional performance while being compact, manoeuvrable and transportable. Incorporating ergonomic design with extra value added features, the Mini L S ForU will provide you with a pleasurable and luxurious driving experience.

    This Lightweight compact model boasts a whole host of new exciting features. New improved comfort seating & delta handlebars have been added for improved comfort. The latest technology has been utilised for low power LED lighting. There are no plugs or wires to dismantle, so you can strip this scooter in seconds to transport in the boot. Soft -roll puncture proof wheels provide a comfortable & carefree journey. 22 ah batteries means more travel range.

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  • Yes K-Lite Portable

    Yes K-Lite Portable

    Regular Price: £799.00

    Special Price: £699.00

    "The new Yes K-Lite micro mobility scooter has been designed to give you the ultimate in transportability, manoeuvrability and performance. Designed with lightweight components and utilizing ergonomic dismantling mechanisms, we have developed one of the lightest and easiest to use scooters on the market."

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