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Chatsworth Adjustable Bed (Single)

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Did you know we spend one-third of your life in bed? Your bedroom is not just a place to catch 40 winks. With the Chatsworth adjustable bed and memory foam mattress, it can become a sanctuary for your personal lifestyle.

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Whether recommended by your Doctor or your own personal comfort choice, our adjustable Bed will bring you the ultimate in relaxation, deep sleep and good health, to a higher degree. With your remote control, you can adjust your back and legs to any position you desire and enjoy hours of comfort from head to foot.

  1. Why is an adjustable bed better than a regular bed?
    A regular bed is a flat surface and yet our bodies are made up of curves. A flat surface does not provide the necessary support for these various curves especially the lumbar, neck and leg regions. Tossing and turning during the night is the most common reason people don't sleep well at night. This restlessness is caused by pressure points developing at various parts of the body due to a bed that does not conform to the shape of the body causing circulation to be restricted at those points. We toss and turn to find a more comfortable position. Our adjustable bed sleep systems address this problem in various ways. First of all, our mattresses all have a supportive layer of memory foam. This memory foam conforms to the shape of your body relieving pressure points and giving you a feeling of floating while sleeping. Secondly the adjustable bases allow you to put your body in a more natural position for sleep. In studies conducted on astronauts sleeping in zero gravity environments, it was discovered that they slept with their heads slightly elevated for easier breathing and their knees were naturally bent to take pressure off the lower back which allows for increased circulation. Only an adjustable bed can reproduce this natural position for better sleep.
  2. How will an adjustable help me sleep better?
    By keeping your body in a more natural position, the pressure on your skeletal frame is reduced by 85%. By alleviating this pressure your body is able to relax into a deeper and more restful sleep. This position also allows for better circulation, easier breathing, increased blood flow to the heart, and an overall reduction of aches and pains. Our customers report waking up feeling more refreshed, mentally alert and happier because they slept soundly and deeply.

  3. Can an adjustable bed help my health?
    Yes. Our adjustable sleep systems have proven to provide many health benefits. The following are just a few of the health benefits found while using an adjustable bed: (Please see our Health Benefits Page for a more detailed list of the remarkable health benefits.) Lower back problems alleviated by sleeping in a more natural position with the legs elevated and pressure taken off the lumbar spine. Circulation increased by reducing the pressure points caused by sleeping on a hard flat surface. Oedema, the condition of abnormal fluid volume in the tissues, reduced by elevating the legs to stimulate the excess fluid entry into the circulatory system. Asthma and breathing difficulties greatly reduced by the upper body being elevated to reduce the pressure on the lungs. The increased circulation and the reduced oedema also help to reduce any fluid build-up in the lungs. Acid Reflux, the condition of the lower oesophageal sphincter relaxing to allow harsh stomach acids to leak back up into the oesophagus, alleviated by elevating the head at least 6 inches during sleep, keeping those stomach juices where they belong, in the stomach!! Other problems an adjustable bed helps to alleviate: Neck and shoulder pain Arthritis Snoring Sleep Apnea Restless Leg Syndrome
  4. Aren't adjustable beds just for older people?
    Absolutely Not! Seventy percent of all beds sold in Europe are adjustable beds. We are well acquainted with the health and lifestyle benefits of the adjustable bed systems. With our ever-increasing active lives, people all over the country are now realizing the enormous benefits of owning an adjustable sleep system. Having a product that improves health, provides deeper sleep and gives an ultra-comfortable place to read, watch TV or work on a laptop, and its not just for older folks. It's for everyone, even kids!! 5. Can I attach our existing headboard to the adjustable platform? Yes. All our beds come with headboard brackets to which you can attach your existing headboard. We also stock a range of headboards.

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